Jan 292015

I finally got around to using ikatbag‘s fairytale doll set pattern that I bought right when it was released in December 2013. Oops!
fairytale doll whole set

This pattern is awesome. It’s for a doll, five outfits, eighty jillion different hairstyles and shoes, and niftiest of all, a doll sleeping bag / doll+clothes carrying case. This why I love ikatbag patterns — they’re smart and fun and thoughtful all around!
pink dress outfit

I made it for my niece’s 4th birthday (I thought it would be a waste to make it for my own kids, hahaha), and I even finished way early, but I was a dope and mailed it off only five days before, so it ended up arriving two days late! booooooo.
orange dress outfit

In order to make turning easier, the arms and body are cut in a single piece, and then a fake raglan-shoulder-like seam is sewn to make a shoulder joint. I messed up somehow and the armpit seams don’t go up high enough, so the clothes (especially this one) fit kind of funny.
strapless dress outfit

Fortunately, my sister told me that my niece really likes her doll. Yay! Apparently, she’s using the mermaid bikini as sunglasses instead, which I think is awesome.
mermaid doll

I chose to make the yarn hair, but I didn’t quite pay attention to the length that the instructions say to make the wig, which is why her hair comes down a little too far down her forehead. So to my future self: verbatim compliance, always, with ikatbag patterns!
fairy doll outfit

One side of the carrying case is a sleeping bag, and the other side has a zippered compartment to hold the extra clothes. There’s a top flap that you can fold over the sleeping bag side so that when you’re carrying everything around, your doll can still nap peacefully. Fairies and mermaid don’t sleep, though, since they’re magical beings. (Also, they don’t fit in the sleeping bag with their fancy clothes on.)
sleeping bag

I got this whale fabric during our trip to New York when we went to Joanns. There’s no Joanns here, so I went a little nuts! And as always, I grumbled grumbled grumbled while I was making the bias strips. :>
zippered side

I have about two years before the next eligible baby is old enough to possibly like it if I make these again… that’s probably enough time to recover from all the weeny doll clothes, yeah? 😀
cosmo and doll

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  1. Alli, you do such gorgeous work! The fairytale doll set turned out so nicely. And what beautiful, beautiful photos! Am so glad i stopped by!

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