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I was suuuuper excited to participate in this year’s Selfish Sewing Week because I got to try out La Sylphide from Papercut Patterns, thanks to Rachael at imagine gnats! 🙂
la sylphide dress

La Sylphide is a great value since you can make a dress, skirt, and peplum top from the pattern. The instructions aren’t super involved, but that makes sense since it’s marked as an advanced pattern. I found the directions clear enough, even though I don’t think I’m an advanced clothes sewerer, but I did refer to this portion of their sew-along to check that I was doing the placket ends correctly.

I traced all the pattern pieces in the XS size since I sooort of fall in its measurements, and I heard that the pattern has a good amount of ease. First, I made a test version of the skirt. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t need any adjustments — it’s basically a circle skirt, so if the waistband came out the wrong size, the skirt would just sit a little higher or lower. I believe other people have found the skirt a little short for their tastes, but I don’t generally have to worry about that as I am slightly short myself. :>
la sylphide skirt sideish

(Mr. Yazoo kept telling me that my skirt was wrinkled when he was helping me take pictures, but I was too lazy to go back in and iron them out.) Hemming all of my La Sylphides really made me want to buy a rolled hem foot for my machine, gahhhh. I looooove this skirt, though! The button-uppiness is cute and I think the skirt is flattering and comfy. It’s too bad that it needs all of the recommended 1 1/4 yards, cause I have a couple of 1 yard cuts of fabric that I wish I could use to make more of these.
la sylphide skirt swish

After the skirt, I tried making the blouse in order to work out any fitting issues before tackling the dress version, and I ended up making these adjustments:

That turned out pretty okay! It’s a little hard to see because of the dizzying tiny houndstooth, though. On this version, the sleeves are short because I ran out of fabric. I thiiink the shorter sleeves might look better on me?
la sylphide blouse

I would never wear the blouse and skirt together as an outfit, and I only made them in the same fabric since I overestimated what I needed (the houndstooth was 42″ wide, and the pattern only gives yardage for 55″ wide fabric, so I bought 3 yards) and ended up with a lot of extra fabric, but I had them hanging together on my dressform, and it made me giggle. Don’t you think it looks schoolmarmish? 😀
la sylphide schoolmarm

After all that, I was finally ready to use my preeeecious fabric from Girl Charlee (which appears to no longer be in stock). Since it’s a peach skin, I bought size 60/8 sharps (almost the recommended needle in this chart) and lengthened my stitch to 3.4, which made my seams come out much nicer than when I’d used an 11/70 needle and the default stitch length.
la sylphide dress look up

I finally noticed when I tried on the dress that the bodice is probably slightly too long for me, so the neeext time I make this, I’ll try:

  • move the bust point only 1/4″ to the center and 1/2″ down
  • shorten the bodice by 1/2″ (and then see if I need to do it more the nextnext time)

Also, after I use up the rest of the peach skin fabric I have, no more buying peach skin! It’s drapey and pretty, but boy, it’s too hot for where I live! That is, unless I’m sewing work clothes — the a/c usually works there. 😀 Anyway, I had a lot of fun and grew my clothes-sewing skills a little bit, so I’m calling this a win! I hope you had fun during Selfish Sewing Week, too!
la sylphide dress curtsy

  6 Responses to “Selfish Sewing Week: La Sylphide”

  1. dying over your schoolmarmish look!!! hehehehe 🙂 the dress is gorgeous on you, and I love both of the separates too! xo

  2. Wow! I am so impressed with your clothes-making skills. Darts and bust adjustments…button holes…sewing with knits…you might have called it selfish sewing…but I would call it awesome sewing. You also look like you are having so much fun with it…yay!

  3. Ha, laughing at the school marm version 😀 The end result looks great anyway

  4. I wish you could see my expression. This is jaw dropping beautiful!!!! You whipped this out in no time…. This looks so good and professional. I love the fabric as well!

  5. Thanks for stopping by. You are a very talented sewist!

  6. Your dress, top and skirt are really nice!!!

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