Sep 192014

Today, I have a guest post over at imagine gnats — I got to make a quilt out of Frances Newcombe‘s new fabric line, Cherie!

cherie quilt beachy

I made my family make a special trip out to the beach to take pictures, but since I chickened out when people were nearby and only got two and a half usable ones, I had to take extra pictures in my backyard. hehe

cherie quilt glowbug

Oh, and I managed to make it in a week… which is good for me! muhahaha! 😀

  3 Responses to “Cherie baby quilt”

  1. Its absolutely beautiful!!!! You made it in a week?! Whats your secret?! I love the colors, fabrics and the design. You chickened out – hahhaa. The beach photo is great but the one with the baby is awesome too!!! Tell us more about how you did it!!!

  2. WOW Alli,
    this is incredible! You took my breath away!!!
    thank you for making this quilt and taking these stunning pictures!
    I love your blog and the things you make!

  3. Looks like it’s hers now 😉

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