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Katy at The Littlest Thistle taaaaagged me! I first met Katy when we were in Piece Bee together, and she’s been so supportive ever since then that I couldn’t say no (well, apart from having some reservations about being able to tag people myself, heh). So, apparently there are some questions I’m supposed to answer…

What am I working on?
In order of needs-to-get-done-first:

Cherie baby quilt
I’m working on a herringbone-ish baby quilt; the fabric just arrived this weekend, so it only looks like this. I’m going to try to finish it this week!
cherie baby quilt wip

I’ve also started just a shirt muslin of Papercut’s La Sylphide. I want to do all three versions — the shirt, skirt, and dress — but it’s for Selfish Sewing Week, so I have to get cracking!
la sylphide wip

My baby was helping, hehehe.
la sylphide helper

Finally, I started my parents’ 40th anniversary quilt at our quilt guild‘s sew-in this weekend. I’m using Thimble Blossoms’ Round and Round pattern, and I’m going to put pictures in the center of each ring. My sister drew the cuuuute pictures of our family, and it took me almost the entire sew-in to trace them on the fabric! I used screenprinting paint and my watercolor brush because I didn’t have a thick enough pigma pen, and when I got to the sew-in, a couple of the ladies there said they would have brought their thicker Copic markers or fabric paint pens for me to use if I’d just told them. I love being part of our quilt guild!
anniversary quilt wip

How does my work differ from others of its genre? — which I’ll interpret as What defines your style?
Since I’m not great at the combining of fabrics, I tend to make stuff that features one thing, like a cute fabric (there are hedgehogs and squirrels drinking tea on that fabric!)

… or an embellishment (my sister drew that picture for me, too, and I just thread traced it).

I also like to make things that make me giggle, even if I’m the only one who thinks it’s funny.

Why do I create what I do?
I like making things to give to other people or keep for myself. That’s pretty much it!

How does my creating process work?
Either an occasion that requires a present comes up and I try to think of something I could make that they could use,

… or I see something I want to make and I tryyy to think of someone who could use it.

Or I think of something I want to make for myself!

Very rarely, I get an idea for something that’s sort of mostly out of my own head, and I spend daaaaays planning it. Those have about a 50% success rate, though.

Now to pass on the love… I’m going to tag (in alphabetical order):

Deborah @ Little Miss Sew-Unsew: Deborah’s quilts and quilt blocks are beautiful, and she often gives away some super cool ones since it seems like at least half of her sewing is for bees, charity, and charity bees. 😀 She has some great quilt block tutorials, and her Marcelle Medallion is amazing!

Lynne @ Tinking along: Lynne is a generous and thoughtful quilter — she recently finished up some ufos and donated them. I lurve her Michael Miller challenge table runner, and she makes such cool quilt blocks, like her simply solids block and her astronomical dog star — both for charity/donation, again!

Susan @ So Sue: Susan is a wonderful knitter and hand-sewer –I’m so impressed by her meticulous crafting! She recently finished hand quilting an entire baby quilt, and she’s knitted adorable argyle socks and a crazy cute ballerina bunny, complete with eensy little bunny clothes.

Thanks for visiting my stop on the around the world blog hop!

  5 Responses to “Around The World Blog Hop”

  1. hello and nice to meet you! I love the weekend, the quirky fabric really makes it. I love the fox quilt too.

  2. See, I knew you’d find 3 people 😀 Loving that anniversary quilt with the wee doodles

  3. Love your sister’s doodles… creative talent runs in your family! And that owl quilt! Thanks for the kind words… now to figure out the lucky bloggers to whom I will pass the torch 😉

  4. Omg your 40th anniversary quilt is going to be amazing!! I love those cartoon characters! Cant wait to see it!!

  5. Hello,
    I love what you’re doing, the fabric you use…
    The diaper bag is amazing. Did you draw the pattern or did you buy it? If you bought it, may I ask you the send me the reference? I’d love to make one.

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