Aug 142014

I have a guest post on Imagine Gnats today, and I feel a little bad about it… when it was time to actually write the post, all that was going through my head was, “my baby’s cuuuute! and the roly-poly is cute, too!” >_< I was actually really excited to do this one, though, and I prepared by making two practice roly-polys way ahead of time. I didn’t put these on Rachael’s blog because I felt like the post was supposed to be about her pretty fabric, so here’s the B-side of that post, heh. (Glowbug thinks I’m being a doof.)
bunny roly poly, sitting

These were made out of stash scraps — both of the linen exteriors were left over from when I made wrap pods (oops, there’s only a picture of one here) and the linings were whatever else I had that was already washed. I decorated them with bits I cut off of clothes Glowbug had outgrown. I love these bunnies!
bunny roly poly

The little rhino on this was from some onesies that my (super awesome) sister made her own little appliques for. I’m going to keep cutting off and saving that rhino as she outgrows her clothes!
rhino roly poly

Wah! I took these pictures months ago when Cosmo still had his curls, but we got him a haircut for kindergarten and now he looks like a little boy. I’m going to let him grow out his hair again… his curls will come back, right? T_T
bunny roly poly smile 2

  4 Responses to “Roly-poly-athon”

  1. Gosh. So cute!!! The dress came out so cute. Love the idea of saving that applique’

  2. Glowbug might be onto something 😉 Cute outfits and model though

  3. Cute outfits…cuter kids! I agree, enjoy choosing their clothing while they don’t know any better!

  4. Lovely little dresses! Your babies are so cute! By the way, I really like your blog 🙂

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