Aug 122014

I made more clothes! I like reading the blogs of super fancy pretty clothes-making people, but I only ever make myself very basic, basic, everyday things. 😀

Anyway, I made an Eucalypt tank using a fun polyester crepe de chine. This one’s an XS at the top and graded to a small at the hip; I did that because the first version I made (in cotton voile) fit really nicely at the top but was too tight at the hip. It looks like I need to make just a straight small, though, because this one’s noticeably too tight on top. Poo!
crepe de chine eucalypt top and denim maritime shorts

I had a hard time applying the binding facing on this one, and I guess it’s because I’m not used to sewing with polyester since I had an easier time on my cotton voile version. I was really happy with the bottom hem, though — I managed to get it really narrow, and it didn’t flare strangely! Yay! I only realized after I finished that this fabric wasn’t ravelly at all, and that’s why I was able to make such a nice hem… is that what all crepe de chines are like? I really don’t know much about fabric types, doh.
eucalypt + maritime back

I don’t know if I’m supposed to be able to adjust things in the back so that droopiness doesn’t happen, but I can’t imagine how since there are only two pattern pieces and no darts. I love the drapiness in the front, though — hides my tummy! I got sick of taking pictures of myself since I apparently can’t make normal faces, but I loooove wearing this tank. I feel all grown up because I’m wearing something that’s not a t-shirt.
eucalypt + maritime side

Here’s my second pair of maritime shorts; these are made of a Robert Kaufman denim (I think). Even though I didn’t serge off the center seam allowance by accident this time, I still ended up having to add some fabric to install the fly zipper. Ugh! This makes me want to take an in-person class so someone can show me what I’m doing wrong, but realistically, I’ll probably just buy the thurlow trousers pattern since I’ve heard that those instructions are really good.
denim maritime front

I still love the back pockets, even though Mr. Yazoo said they look too big. I do find that I have to pull my phone slightly out of my pocket in order to sit down… oh well.
denim maritime side

I did a 1/4″ full seat adjustment, which I think helped reduce the strange creases. Next time, I’ll try increasing it to a 1/2″ adjustment — there’s still something funky going on there. I’m not too concerned with that pulling weirdness just below the waistband because my shirts always cover it. 😛
denim maritime back

When Cosmo saw the crepe de chine (before I had cut it up), he really liked it and asked me to make a shirt for him out of it. When I told him that it was going to be a tank for me, he got all mad and grumped, “why do you get all the nice things?!” hahahahaha!

  3 Responses to “Moar shorts and a shirt that’s not a t-shirt O_o”

  1. Lol at the grown-upness of the top. I’m grateful when people like you say what size you made, because it kind of helps me to work out what size I would need to make (usually circus tent sized) and I can then strike that pattern off the list 😉

  2. The shorts and top look good! I think for the wrinkles on your lower-back you need a “Swayback” adjustment – for which you’d need to introduce a CB seam to the back of your top. This blog post has great info.: and this one too: 🙂

  3. This tank is adorable! Thanks for linking back to us.

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