Jul 292014

… in both the color and theme! hehehe (<-- only funny to me) For my nephew’s 2nd birthday, I made him a daddy dolly — his sister got one in casual clothes back in January, and even though I heard that he tried to steal it right away, I was was a meanielazysewerer and made him wait for his birthday for his own. (A nice auntie would have just made him one right away.)
daddy dolly in the weeds

This one is supposed to be wearing a Navy lieutenant uniform, but it keeps making me think of an airline pilot. What do you think? I was soooo glad that I made the jacket separately when I was almost finished — after I turned the dolly right side out, I found out that I’d sewn the arms on wrong! They were angled up (like when kids ask to be picked up) instead of angled down like I’d meant them to be. Fortunately, the jacket kind of mushes things into the correct shape. There’s no way I was going to unpick all that back-and-forth-and-scribble-some-more-to-keep-it-in-place stitching!
daddy dolly in action

Even though I tried to draw the jacket pattern so it would end up with wide sleeves, I failed and the sleeves were really tight — I had to pull the doll arms through with my hemostats. Other than that, I was happy with the jacket — I sewed the soft side of the velcro on the inner jacket edge and little dots of the scratchy side of the velcro behind the felt fake buttons. It holds together pretty well… but I didn’t toddler test it. Oh, and can you see the hand-stitched-down collar (or lapel thingy)? I was really pleased with how that turned out. :}
daddy dolly jacket

I started on this dolly a week before I had to mail it, and when I went to get blue safety eyes from my stash, I found out that I only had one left! Yay for responsive Etsy sellers — I found someone who was able to ship the ones I wanted the next day (I didn’t know this, but since some sellers hand paint some of their safety eyes, they can’t ship certain types until a couple of days after the order is placed). This was also the first time I used safety eyes with metal washers (the other ones I had had plastic washers), and metal washers are SO MUCH EASIER to put on. Yayyyy!
daddy dolly on the steps

Gosh, but I was happy to finish this; I have a big pile of apparel fabric that I want to play with, but I keep having to put it off for things like this that I’d feel awful if I didn’t finish first. I think the kids have been eyeing that pile of fabric to use as a leaf pile… >_<

  3 Responses to “daddy dolly: Navy version”

  1. Oh my gosh! You are so talented! Yes! The jacket does keep the arms pointing down. No one will ever notice anything! Love this doll.

  2. You never cease to amaze me! He looks great. Take the hats and insignia off and take them out of context and I am not sure that I could tell you the difference between a navy and a pilot uniform, so there you go!

  3. Loving the daddy dolly, and the arms look fine! Oh yes, and I could have told you that about the safety eyes, safety joints are a whole other nightmare (which is why I don’t make bears for kids!)

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