Jul 152014

One of my recent sewing dreams came true — I got to make a double gauze blanket for myself! Months ago, Rachael sent me some double gauze scraps in my fabric order, and the Kobayashi solids were just ridiculously soft and wonderful. I decided then that when it was time to treat myself, I’d make a tied, whole-cloth, double gauze blanket — I didn’t want seams or quilting to get in the way of the way the fabric felt. And here it is! It doesn’t look like much, but I love using it.
nani iro blanket full view

I tried to be economical since double gauze costs a little more than I usually feel like my budget can handle. It’s made out of:

  • 1.5 yards of Nani Iro’s Joy Flower — the white parts of the pattern are actually white shimmer paint! I don’t know how it’s going to like being washed, but I think I’d better remember to dry it on delicate.
  • 1 yard of the Kobayashi mustard solid
  • 2 yards of the Kobayashi blue-grey solid
  • 1 package of Quilters Dream wool batting, throw size (60″ x 60″). I bought it from Seaside Quilting, and the shop owner is crazy awesome. She included a sample card of all the different Quilters Dream battings (I LOVE that sample card!) and a little coaster kit!

nani iro blanket full view back

I thought it would be fabric-efficient to add a bit of the Joy Flower to the back in order to bring the front and back center panels to the dimensions I wanted, but that didn’t turn out to be a great idea since there’s a pretty significant difference in the way the Nani Iro and Kobayashi double gauzes feel. Nani Iro is for looks and Kobayashi is for feels. :> But since Nani Iro is for looks, I kept the selvedge on the front so I can show off (to myself) that this is my Nani Iro blankie. ;D
nani iro blanket selvedge

I forgot to get a picture of it (not that it would be super interesting), but the blue borders are mitered at the corners. I wasted significant (to me) chunks of fabric doing that, but I really like the way it looks. I’ve always thought that the pillows my sister made looked extra fancy, and I finally realized that it’s partially because she miters the corners of her borders.

This quilt is sort of tied — I used a snowflake stitch in the tie-down spots (I got a Juki F600 for my birthday, hehehe), and it’s holding up so far.
nani iro blanket fascinating backing

I’ve already got most of my supplies for my next double gauze blanket. For one thing, Glowbug keeps stealing this one. She kicks off any other blanket that I try to put on her, but when I’ve already snuggled under this one, she takes it from me! Also, it’s a little shorter than I like since I was too scroogey when I got the fabric for this one. And finally, it’s gotten a leetle bit scratchy. I think that some of the fibers of the wool batting have worked through the loose weave and are bothering me a bit. Next time, I’m going to try Quilters Dream Puff, which is even fluffier, probably just as warm, and definitely smoother-feeling. I say again: my little batting sample card is so cool!
nani iro blanket photobombed

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  9 Responses to “Nani Iro double gauze blanket — fluffy soft fluffiness”

  1. Yep, looks like Glowbug has claimed it even in that last pic 😉 Bet it feels gorgeous though!

  2. lovely simplicity and the Janome snowflake stitch for the tiedown spots…GREAT IDEA!!!!! Thank you so much for linking up to @sewjosaturday

  3. I haven’t heard about this material to be used for quilts. Fun way to “quilt” it and the last pic is cute 🙂

  4. That sounds amazing! I haven’t seen that Nani Iro print, it is so sweet. I bought just enough Nani Iro to make a washi tunic…it’s still waiting to be made, and I am so excited about it. Batting samples are a great idea, I’ve only used a couple of types of batting and just ordered a bunch of the Quilter’s Dream wool through massdrop–but I plan to use it mostly for wall hangings.

  5. Ohh, that looks so soft! Love that floral print too.

  6. this DOES look so soft! I love the way you decided to quilt it, that’s so fun. I love the boxes that it created

  7. How beautiful! I can imagine that it’s the softest quilt ever too. No wonder your daughter keeps sneaking it from you. 😉

  8. Goodness you are making me so jealous! Looks and sounds wonderful – enjoy!

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