Jul 142014

Months and months after my first trial pair of Tania culottes, I finally made a real pair! (Sorry about the tilt-o-vision — Cosmo took this picture for me, and it turned out to be the best close-up picture of them on.)
tania culottes close on

They’re made out of Anna Maria Horner’s Sinister Swarm in rayon challis, which feels faaaaantastic!
tania culottes flat

I sewed on a label (of sorts) because I once went an entire week wearing my other pair of culottes backwards. I kept thinking that it felt kind of short in the rear, but I didn’t think to recheck how I was wearing them!
tania culottes labeled

I struggled with my invisible zipper (as usual) because I bought it at my local Fabric Mart, which meant it had a big crease from being stapled into the packaging, and it made the side of my culottes poof out weirdly. I wasn’t able to iron the crease out, so while I was putting it in, I kept trimming it down to get the bendy-out part less noticeable, and I trimmed kind of too much off. >_< In the future, I'll just buy invisible zippers from ZipIt -- then they won't have a giant crease. tania culottes that dang zipper

I let it hang for a week on my new sewing room friend! It’s pretty dorky, but I was waiting to make these culottes again til I got it — it was a big pain marking the even hem without a dressform the first time, and this time it was suuuuper easy. Just spin and pin!
my new sewing room friend

Even my normal (not too curvy) hems used to look awful and I dreaded doing them, but this time I used Coletterie’s tutorial for hemming circle skirts, and that made the hemming part super duper easy and much neater than I usually manage. (Well derp, I just read someone else’s post about these culottes, and she mentioned that Megan Nielsen gives this tip, too. Oops!)
tania culottes hem

Here are some full view pictures — I find them the most useful when I look at other people’s blogs to figure out if I want to buy a pattern, but I don’t like taking them myself. I’m clutching my not-yet-blogged blankie to cover up my jelly belly.
tania culottes full view front

Oh! I wore my culottes to my first meeting at the Oahu Modern Quilt Guild (whoopee! we finally have one!!!), and I was so happy because no one asked me if I made them (someone did ask me if I made my backpack). That’s a sign of clothes-making success, right? 😀
tania culottes full view back

  3 Responses to “Culottes #2 and my new sewing room friend”

  1. Looking fabulous! Although the name of that fabric does freak me out a little lol

  2. Your skirt looks so beautiful! Well done! I love your new sewing friend.. it looks so handy to have around your sewing room!

  3. Those look great! I love your new addition. When I was a kid my mom had this thing that stood on the floor and you set the top part where you want the hem marking to be and you have a bulb in your hand and you stand up against it and press the bulb and it marks the skirt with chalk. I wonder if they still have those.. Great that there is an Oahu MQG! And in terms of people asking if you made some of your clothing…you will move to the zone where they ask because they know that you make fabulous things…just you wait and see!

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