Jun 302014

I have a bad habit of liking and then wanting to buy clothes and fabric that will look weird or unflattering or silly on me, even though I know they’ll look weird or unflattering or silly on me. It happened again when Mood had a sale on striped fabric and I ordered a rainbow seersucker because it was so happy and made me think of a rainbow circus (cause who doesn’t want to wear clothes that remind people of a rainbow circus?), but I was at least able to restrict myself to making pjs out of them. This way, only my family will see my silly clothes! hehehe.
lakeside pajamas

I made a lakeside pajama set — the split back is so cute! (Oops, I really need a haircut.)
lakeside pjs, back

It’s a little tent-like in the front for me, though. I’m sure it’s my fabric choice (the seersucker is not what you’d call drapey, unless you meant drape-like, hee), plus I was very slapdash when I sewed the darts — I made them half an inch longer than they were supposed to be, and I think I should have shortened them by at least half an inch from the marked endpoint. I’ll try sewing them shorter if I make another top… but it might be a while before that happens because there’s soooooooo much bias tape to apply!
lakeside top bias tape forever

Actually, I probably need to just reprint the pattern and make completely different sizes — I sewed a size 2 top and bottom, but next time, I ought to make a size 0 top and a size 4 bottom. The right leg of the shorts sticks to my leg and rides up a bit, and I suspect that it’s because my right thigh is bigger, although I’ve never taken the time to measure.
lakeside shorts

I bet I could stand to shorten the shoulder straps by an inch, as well. The length is okay now, but I’m a little paranoid about little baby hands yanking on my shirt. 😀
lakeside top back

  2 Responses to “Bias tape for miiiiiles”

  1. I love the fabric…my mom always made us seersucker robes when I was a kid and so I have fond memories associated with seersucker. We used to call the shorty pajamas baby doll pjs, so thinking about all of these things is like a blast from the past!

  2. I shouldn’t laugh, but I did see the connection between the ‘circus tent’ and the tent like front 😉 Believe me though, they look amazing on you, on me, that would look like a marquee…

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