Jun 192014

Again with the catching up on little things — bunnies and hedgehogs from April!

These were Cosmo’s and Sunshine’s bunnies for their Easter egg hunt. I made them following ikatbag’s free tutorial… by the way, I think it’s crazy that this was a free tutorial. I’d totally pay for that pattern! I’m severely 3D-deficient, but still. It’s awesome!
pair 'o bunnies

I used the least stretchy velour I could find at Fabric Mart and poured a whole package of poly pellets into each bunny. I maybe didn’t put as much stuffing into the bodies as I should have, though, cause they get sort of empty towards their necks when they try to sit up. Since I felt a little guilty for not making all of the other neato ikatbag bunny goodies (the bunny bed, bunny clothes, and bunny carrots), I decorated them a leetle bit with the carrot scarf, tummy rainbow, and butt hearts. The whole time, though, I was thinking about all the imaginative play my kids wouldn’t be able to have since I was too lazy to make them carrots and clothes and things…</being slightly sarcastic but also not entirely>
bunnies gotta help each other

Anyway! I intended the white one to be for Cosmo (since he loves rainbows) and the blue one for Sunshine (cause he always picks blue things), but they ended up choosing the reverse. Since he’s older and better at finding Easter goodies, Cosmo found both bunnies first and snagged the blue one. I asked him if he could let Sunshine choose between the two, and so Cosmo showed Sunshine the bunnies, but held the white one out closer to Sunshine to try to get him to pick it, and it worked! Sneaky!
bunny lineup

These hedgehogs were favors for Cosmo to give to his preschool classmates on his birthday. I was feeling toooo cheap to buy stuff for goodie bags, and these were free (aside from the quarters I put in the pockets).
hedgehog class

Not only that, but since I don’t have any good wrapping supplies, I printed out free froggy treat boxes and had Cosmo decorate as many as he could. muhahaha!
free wrapping

Cosmo was paid in (a single new) hedgehog. (Oops, this isn’t a picture of him with his hedgehog.) Fair trade, yeah?
Cosmo, child laborer

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  1. Loving the slave labour you employed on making the pressie wrappings (although a tad alarmed that anyone in Hawaii has a ‘Mom’s little snowman’ sweatshirt at all, never mind in mid summer!) Loving the (unadulterated) buns, and yeah, the oldest sibling always seems to be the sneakiest!

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