Feb 272014

Gah! Life’s been happening and I haven’t been able to sew while everyone’s asleep, so I’ve been knitting and crocheting (fits in during lunch break and car rides) to get my hobbying fix.

Posy cardi (came out too big for Glowbug, haha):
big posy cardi

Posy cardi (the right size!):
smaller posy cardi

Mini ballerina sweaterish thingy:
mini ballerina sweater

Christmas stocking hat:
Christmas stocking hat

Longcat scarf (I managed to make it a proper loooongcat!):
longcat scarf

Rainbow unicorn:
rainbow unicorn

Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to sew soon… gahhhh.

  3 Responses to “Kniiiiiiitting”

  1. Maybe no sewing….but lots of great stuff with yarn! My kid never liked sweaters even though we live where it sometimes gets cold in the winter, so I love that your kids wear sweaters. And who could not love a rainbow unicorn?

  2. Ha, well at least you know she’ll grow into the first one eventually 😉 And obviously everybody needs a rainbow unicorn

  3. I’ve been knitting lately as well! I love all the kiddie stuff you’ve been making, esp the baby girl sweaters. I *almost* have baby fever!

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