Aug 142011

It’s my late night silly sewing edition! I wanted to make some fast things tonight because 1) I fell asleep and didn’t get any sewing done last night, and 2) my maternity leave is officially over on Monday, and I won’t be able to sew for as long at night anymore. Boohoo!

First, I made myself a quick bag for work. Previously, I had been carrying my huge lunch and other loot to work in a Price Chopper bag. Professional, huh? Well, this isn’t much more professional, but at least I won’t look like a hobo. I chopped up Sunshine’s baby sling to make it — Sunshine still prefers to be carried, and I think I had made it too small. Sorry about the bad lighting!
new work bag

Next, I made my mom an envelope needle book since she’s admired mine both times she’s seen it.
envelope needle book - front
My house has eaten my neutral scrap bag, so I couldn’t find any linen and had to use tan cotton. Then I cut the felt for the inside wrong and had to do it over! My goodness.
envelope needle book - inside

Finally, I made my sister a needle book. At first, I tried to use the scraps I’d cut out when boxing my work bag — I framed two squares with the Aviary 2 green woodgrain, and I think it turned out really cute, but then I realized that it was way too big for a needle book. It’s okay though, because I’m going to use it in my Spoonflower swap picnic blanket instead!

After poking around on google, I found My Three Sons’ hexagon needle book tutorial, and then made one based on it.
hexie needle book - owl
I don’t have good wool felt — just the cheapie polyester(?) kind — so I used a little scrap of cotton to make the book hinge, and I left out the extra two pages.
hexie needle book - inside
I didn’t put in a closure since the book is so tiny (it’s an inch and a half across), but I think it’ll be okay because my sister’s been keeping her baby squishie paper piecing supplies in an eensy tupperware. 🙂
hexie needle book - hedgehog

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