Oct 282013

Whether he’s doing it purposely or not, my oldest son is great at making me want to sew things for him — he cuddles with stuffed animals I make him (for at least a day after I give them to him, heh) and loads his toys up in bags I sew. He’s in the four-year-old class in preschool this year, and a couple of weeks before the beginning of the year, I got it in my head that I wanted to make him a quilt for naptime. Commence no-sleep-for-me week!
books for baby quilt

I made him the Books for Baby quilt from Patchwork, Please!, and even though I didn’t do a great job of putting together fabric that would emphasize the bookiness of the design, I really had fun sewing it up. My OCD self loved how tidy using a pinking rotary blade made the back of the top look!
books for baby, back of the quilt

When I gave him his quilt and asked him to help me take pictures of it, he kept trying to flip it over to the flannel side, saying that the robots were supposed to be the front. Hah!
books for baby quilt close up

Oh well, I still send it to school with him every week. 😀
books for baby quilt with kiddies!


  4 Responses to “Bloggers’ Quilt Festival Entry: Books for Baby”

  1. Yes, everyone knows robots are supposed to go on the front – lol! Sounds like a great kid. 🙂 Lovely quilt, too.

    I have to investigate those pinking blades – what a difference!

  2. Well duh, books are boring, robots are cool 😉

  3. The warm side will be nice for the winter. Cute Idea for naptime.

  4. Gorgeous quilt, I love both sides. How sweet that it goes to school with him!

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