Aug 102011


Teapot test block
I’m so excited to be in my first bee! Now that I’ve tried out this teapot block, I’m thinking of trying to do one with the sew-into-paper kind of paper piecing.
teapot block

Ribbon blankies
I made some ribbon blankies for three of my sister’s friends, all of whom are in their third trimester. Golly!
ribbon blankies for my sister's friends

Carrot scissors case
My sister’s been using it this week, yay! She said that, hopefully, her husband won’t think to take her new scissors out of its case, which will be good because he might use it on something other than fabric. >_< with scissors in

Toy bucket
I filled it with two Thomas the Train toys, a My Little Pony, stickers, and a Hot Wheel, so my friend’s daughter was rather more excited about those than the bag, but I was happy when I saw her carrying her bucket when she left.
toy bucket

In progress

Sunshine’s quilt!
I finally made progress on Sunshine’s I Spy quilt! After making the teapot block, I wanted to do some easy piecing, so got the main panels together. I think I like the owl one the best.
Sunshine's I Spy, in progress

Baby squishie
This is just silly — this baby squishie is mostly done, but I can’t finish it because I left all the jingly bells for it with my sister, who’s gone squishie nuts. :> She finished her first one and is almost done with her second, and it’s only been a couple of days since I showed her how!
pentagon squishie, in progress

Disappearing nine patch quilt
This is the quilt I started for my friend’s daughter, but couldn’t finish in time. I totally ripped off Greenleaf Goods’ quilt, but made my blocks super huge in the hopes it would come together quickly enough. Now I can go at a more leisurely pace, and I have been meaning to make quilts for daughters of two other friends… 🙂
girl quilt, in progress

Want to do!
I liked having my want-to-do list from last week when I was having trouble choosing a new project to work on, so I’m going to continue it!

  1. Dawnybear footprint potholders: My parents had a laugh while my sister and I struggled to get good footprints from Dawnybear — I think we made at least three where Dawnybear only had four toes! I think the good footprints have dried enough by now, so I have to make them into potholders before my sister’s vacation is over.
  2. Cut fussy-cut charms for the Feeling Fussy Modern Fabric Swap: I left a bunch of good fussy cuttable fabric with my sister for her squishies, so I’ll cut charms for this swap when I get them back.
  3. Bustle backpacks: These will be Christmas presents for two of my little cousins. I got the fabric for them in the mail this week!
  4. Christmas quilt: I’m going to make a quilt from the Ready, Set, Snow charm pack I won from Quilt Taffy for the third of my little cousins. He’s a boy, so I can’t make him a bustle backpack. 😀
  5. Tea kettle tablerunner

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  3 Responses to “WIP Wednesday: August 10”

  1. Adorable teapot block. And I LOVE the carrot scissors case. Love love love.

  2. I LOVE the scissors case!! Great idea for keeping them separate, because men just don’t know :o) All wonderful projects!

  3. Awesome projects! I really love Sunshine’s quilt!

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