Sep 132013

When will I learn not to join thingy-alongs and then rush to finish by linky deadlines? Probably never. Here’s my latest disaster!
pile o mess quilt

It’s my finished quilt for the Star Surround quiltalong, and boy did I mess it up! In list form, the first of my mistakes:

  1. I was too impatient to order the background fabric I wanted (light grey), so I used a terrible combination of solids from my stash.
  2. I rushed when I made my flying geese, so they came out all funny sizes.
  3. I also was in verbatim compliance mode, so since the quiltalong instructions didn’t say to trim the flying geese, I didn’t even check to make sure they were the right size.

I was fed up with this quilt by the time the individual star blocks were done, so I decided to use it to try making a quilt-as-you-go kind of quilt for the first time. (I’m thinking of using that method for a dresden quilt I’m planning.) I also tried quilting orange peels, which was nice and easy since I was only doing one block at a time. That was actually my only success in this quilt! I used a 16 needle since I’d had problems with skipped stitches in the past, and this time I had barely any skipped stitches — the remaining ones were definitely user error, which is fine with me.
mess o quilt - quilting

Then I attached all the blocks+batting squares to make the top and:

  1. Screwed up trimming some of the batting bulk in the seams by cutting too much off.
  2. Got grouchy at Fabric Mart and chose a crazy bright pink flannel for the backing because all the other flannel looked babyish and I didn’t care about matching the back to the front anymore.
  3. (This is skipping ahead, but this is the best picture to see it in) Tried for the first time to do the kind of machine binding where you sew to the front first and then stitch in the ditch to catch the binding in the back, and mine was HORRIBLE.

mess o quilt with crazy backing

When you assemble quilts this way, you’re supposed to quilt just a couple of lines to attach the top+batting to the backing, so I did the least I figured I could get away with while making the quilt not too going-to-fall-apart-in-the-wash-ish — I sewed along both sides of the seams between the batting blocks. But!

  1. When I was pinning my big blocks together, I couldn’t see the seams (since the batting was already on), so I forgot to match up the little blocks’ seams.
  2. I somehow missed one of the big block seams and sewed a random line down the inside of one of the columns.

mess o quilt - quilting lines mistake

Bleah! I’m mad that I messed up what should have been a really cute quilt, but I’m going to think of it as my bad sewing heat sink that’s going to help me succeed in my next set of projects. Gah!
mess o quilt - cuteified

  5 Responses to “Mess ‘o messy mess quilt”

  1. ROFLMAO! It doesn’t look that bad, really it doesn’t, I think you’re just too close to it. Oh, and the kids obviously don’t give a sh*t 😉

  2. As long as you keep those cute kids on top of the quilt, no one will notice 😉

    Seriously though, I agree with Katy- it’s not as bad as you think. Sorry about the machine binding… I don’t have the hang of it either. On the bright side, the orange peel quilting looks great!

  3. Your post made me laugh so much. Mostly because I am jumping in to the Marcelle Medallion quilt along and at week one, I’m already rushing to make the linky deadlines! So you should expect an identical post from me in about 2 months! And you know this quilt is going to end up being the most used and most loved because you won’t care about what happens to it!

    Also, I started using Red Pepper Quilt’s tutorial for machine stitched binding – it involves pinning and then removing said pins as each one approaches the needle. I resisted at first because I thought the pin crap would take too long and be annoying, but so far it’s the best method for me. I still need a bit of practice but it usually comes out good enough to gift to someone!…

  4. I am on the boat with the others…we all tend to be too critical of our own work. Are the Quilt Police really going to come knocking at your door? And, the kids will love it anyway. Concerning machine stitching both sides of binding…no can do for me. I machine one side and hand stitch the other. What else will I do when I watch Project Runway?

  5. I totally agree with the previous comments. It really is a great finish. I think the scrappy background adds a whole new modern twist to it. You can still see the design. And you did great getting it all done in time. If you want it in the parade be sure to send me an email with the picture you want to post it with 🙂

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