Aug 192013

Ellison Lane’s having a studio spotlight linky, and I love writing notes on pictures, so here’s where I sew! I’m definitely in the running for least inspiring sewing spot. 😀
sewing space

I’m one of those roving put-em-up-and-take-em-down-every-night sewers since I sew on the dining table. I used to iron in that nice empty space behind my sewing machine, but ever since Glowbug got her own chair, I’ve been too lazy to lug it out of the way, and now I iron on the kitchen counter.
sewing space - ironing station

Some of my supplies live in a different room (scraps, cutting mats, and my serger), but most fit on the bookshelf in the dining room, which is a big improvement from my old setup where everything lived in a different room than the one I sewed in.
sewing space - bookshelf

I initially considered taking my pictures during the day when the dining room is all bright and niceish, but that wouldn’t be the truth — I always sew at night. Huh! It just occurred to me that our neighbors can probably see straight through the window behind me at night. That’s okay; they’re nice! 😀

  4 Responses to “Yazoo sewing station”

  1. I didn’t realise Glowbug was onto solids yet 😉

    *waves at the neighbours*

  2. Hey there 🙂 Your sewing space is looking tidier than mine (I’ve not made much progress since this post LOL!).

    (P.S. I can spy the Pressing Ham nestled in to the shelves next to some ribbon – that made me smile.)

  3. Great to see a real sewing space, someone else like me who sews where she can and makes do. Looks great!

  4. Hey, most of us started out sewing on the kitchen table with a baby somewhere close by. One of my boys would toss his snacks in my general direction when he wanted anything….up, down, more, drink, etc. You’ll get a studio, but it may take a while (20 years for me but I survived). Here’s hoping that you have better timing!

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