Aug 142013

Waaaay back when Glowbug was just born and I wasn’t too fond of sitting, I found this adorable littleoddforest seat cusion that I totally wanted… except $40 is an awful lot for something that’s so easy to make. The genius is in the design! But still, easy to copy. So Cheapie Yazoo struck again!
tree cushion

I bought a round cushion from the hardware store and some super cheap corduroy from Fabric Mart, then used a stash zipper and ribbon. This was right after making my brother-in-law’s pillowcase, so I still knew how to make a neato zipper flap (I’ve forgotten already by now!) to hide that pink zipper. The ribbons are there so you can tie the cushion to a stool’s legs.
tree cushion zipper

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round, yeah? I’m a little mosquito in the crafty world, buzzing around to bite your creative ideas. Don’t worry too much, though — I’m much too lazy to make more than one copy of a thing. 😉
tree cushion

  3 Responses to “Bzz bzz”

  1. Very cool! Hope you’re more up to sitting on things now 😉

  2. Very clever! I’m with you on making rather than buying. In fact, my kids have a running joke whenever they see something they want, no matter what it is, they say “Mom can make that” followed by a snicker.

  3. Cute, cute! I love the thread art stitching, but have never tried it. Hope that sitting is a bit more pleasant these days 🙂

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