Aug 092013

Last year, when Kitschy Digitals had their sale, I got all excited and bought a couple of cross-stitch patterns, one of which was a Wee Little Stitches pattern. I finally finished it!
You Wash I'll Dry towel

Right after I got the pattern, I couldn’t wait to start, so I bought the first blank towel I found, and that was a flimsy muslin thing from my local craft store. About halfway through stitching, I bonked myself on the head for not using a more absorbent towel, but I was too lazy to start over. Because cross-stitching takes forever!

I used waste canvas again, and I still love it. Maybe one day I’ll forget how long this little thing took me, and I’ll redo it on a properly absorbent towel. Hah!
You Wash I'll Dry, from a very blue picture oops

  4 Responses to “Must engage brain!”

  1. Yeah, I’d just hang it above the towel rack and be done with it 😉

  2. This is waaay to cute to dry dishes with! I agree on hanging it where you can see and enjoy.

  3. Lol!I need to make one of these! You wash and you dry… Lol

  4. Super cute! In fact, too cute to actually use on dishes. I think that would be the problem if I were to make anything like this… noooo, we can’t use that dish towel to do dishes! What are you thinking? Lol

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