Jul 292013

I’m starting to realize that part of the reason I’m such a slow sewerer is that my brain doesn’t work too well when I’m sleep deprived. (See? Prime example of my brain not working — why did it take me so long to realize this?)

Last night, I cut out my fabric for the Star Surround quilt-along, and I used a yard each of blue, green, and yellow for my background pieces. I really would have preferred the background to be all light gray, but I didn’t have any in my stash, and I thought I should use what I already have. I was thinking that I’d randomly sprinkle the three background colors throughout, but now that I’m (slightly) more awake, I’m wondering if I made yet another bad sleepyhead decision. Feel free to tell me if you think my brain wasn’t working!
star surround fabric, annotated

I am pretty happy with my main fabric choices, though — at least, I’m proud that I finally took value into account. I took an ipod picture and desaturated it and everything to check!

P.S. When I was cutting sashing strips for my Books for Baby quilt top, I needed 24 10″ x 1.5″ strips, so I thought, “okay, ten inches means I can get four per wof, so 24 divided by 4 is six strips.” Then while I was cutting, I thought, “wait! 4 times 6 is sixteen! I need eight strips!” O_o And finally, after I finished cutting all eight strips into ten-inch chunks, I realized I was right the first time. See? Sleepy brain no worky!

P.P.S. I discovered that my rotary pinking blade works much better with more layers! I had a lot fewer uncut threads when I layered my fabric four to six times. (I didn’t try eight.)

  2 Responses to “Zombie quilter”

  1. It’s a bit hard to tell chopped up like this o.O Needing more sleep to think better though? Whoda thunk it 😉

  2. Are you planning to mix the background fabrics in each block, or stick to one color per block? I don’t know why I’m asking as I’m having a horrible time trying to picture what it would look like either way (and I’m not even sleep-deprived)!

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