Jul 172013

My parents babysat for us in the evening recently, and I asked my mom to think about what she would like for payment. (They take care of our kids while we’re at work and we’re living with them right now, so they definitely deserve something when they do extra babysitting.) She came up with a fee I really liked — she asked me to sew some thank you presents for my two aunties and uncle who were treating my parents to a fancy dinner. Yay for some fun small projects!

Mom asked just for three stay put towels (which I forgot to take pictures of), but that seemed like not enough, so I also made some market totes. Using stashed home dec fabric meant that I could skip interfacing the outside, which was fantastic because I’m such a slow sewerer that it somehow took me six hours (from midnight to the morning) to make these three bags. I was falling asleep during the endless top stitching! The two Outside Oslo ones were for my aunties, and it was so nice that my two very generously cut half yards of Flea Market Fancy coordinated perfectly.
Outside Oslo market bags

I left the bags out for my mom to find when I went to have a little nap before the kids woke up, and my mom could tell that the Puti de Pome bag was for her — she likes quirky prints. Those grouchy kids are funny!
Puti de Pome market bag

I didn’t make a bag for my uncle — I mentioned to Mr. Yazoo that I was trying to think of ways to quickly stencil a plane on fabric (my uncle likes to build model planes) so I could make him a tote, too, but he said that my uncle wouldn’t care about not having one. It’s good to run things by him for the boy perspective!

Later on, I met up with my former Japanese teacher to say good-bye because she was moving back to Japan. Since totes were on my mind, I made her one with a version of her business logo on it for a bye bye present. Her real logo has too many small bits for lazy me to replicate exactly:

… and this is my simplified version:
nacos bag closeup

A long time ago, I bought some twill tape labels that I only just noticed have the design printed on iron-on transfer stuff. I usually use them for quilts, but this time I used them for these bags, and when I pressed the side seams to set the stitches, the iron-on stuff melted a little and stuck to the fabric. Oops! It wasn’t too bad for the Outside Oslo and Puti de Pome bags, but it left noticeable schmutz on the gray canvas. Doh!
nacos bag label schmutz

At some point, I want to make a market tote for me — they’re perfect for going to the library, because they hold a ton. My mom lent me an old one of hers, and it just about perfectly fits around twelve kiddie picture books and few grown-up hardcovers. In case you were in the market for a practical library bag. 🙂

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  1. Looks like good payment to me, and I like the logo replication. Bummer on the iron on stuff

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