Jul 092013

Back at the end of May, I went to pick up Cosmo from preschool, and there were signs all over reminding parents that they should collect their kids’ stuff because it was the last day of school. Oops, I had no idea! I’d wanted to give them end-of-the-year presents, but since they’d all be there for the summer session, I put it off a little more. Then last week, we got a letter saying that Cosmo’s original teacher had resigned (she wanted to spend more time with her baby) and his favorite replacement teacher was cutting down to part time to go back to school. Time to get into gear!

I made buckwheat pillows since we’ve been using ours a lot lately (Cosmo keeps banging into things). I’m often too lazy to dig through my scraps, but I ought to do it more often because I’m always happy at the end!
buckwheat pillows

I also made an extra lunch bag for Cosmo’s favorite teacher cause she’s my favorite teacher, too. :> (Sorry the picture is terrible — I only had time for a nighttime shot.) I found these cute printable thank you cards and tags, so I wrote to tell her that Cosmo calls me by her name at home because he loves her so much. 😀
Pink Penguin lunch bag for teacher

How do you wrap your teacher presents? I’m so bad at wrapping things — I just grabbed the smallest bags I could find around the house and threw stuff in. >_< bad wrapping job

Cosmo’s preschool is fantastic — the teachers are wonderful, and it’s so fun when Cosmo says something funny and new, and Mr. Yazoo and I just know that he learned it at preschool. I hope most of his teachers like their presents, though I did see a funny card that said something like, “I was going to make you present I saw on Pinterest, but here’s a gift card instead.” heh.
buckwheat pillows piled up

  2 Responses to “Teacher presents, super late”

  1. Cute buckwheat pillows! You always have such clever projects.

    Where can I purchase that Pinterest-themed card in bulk, lol.

  2. Well caught up! I’m crap at wrapping. Seriously…

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