Jul 022013

If you don’t already follow her, LiEr at ikatbag is such an awesome sewerer — she makes clever, thrifty, and just plain fantastic stuff. Earlier in the year, I found out about her hilarious chicken pattern, and I super duper wanted to make it; fortunately, Cosmo’s birthday was right about that time. So I got to make the funniest chicken ever!
the funniest chicken

Doesn’t look funny to you? Wait for it…
chicken feet

It lays eggs! Bwahahaha! There’s a channel going from the top of the chicken near the tail to the place where eggs usually come out. hee hee hee!
momma and chickies

You just have to scrounge around the house for leftover plastic eggs, load up the little chickies, and then squeeze them out! ikatbag’s pattern post has great pictures of the egg-laying process — I was too chicken to take my own (hurk hurk).

This was such a fun present to give to Cosmo. He kept asking us to make the chicken lay eggs, and I loved seeing him carry the chicken around under his arm. It’s big!
chicken with kiddie for scale

He also really liked the baby chickies. Nowadays, he sometimes takes a chick to school to have for naptime. LiEr really made a fantastic pattern — the chicken is high-larious and the chickies are adorable! And a big plus is that if you sew fast and wonky (like me), that just gives the baby chicks even more personality. 😀
cosmo hatched

  8 Responses to “Bok Bok”

  1. ROFL, love it

  2. These are so cute!!! Hahahhaha

  3. Funny, cute….soft and squishy…I love them!

  4. I love that it actually lays eggs, and it’s so cute!

  5. That is possibly the coolest thing ever made. I can’t even imagine how much fun my kids would have squishing the eggs out! Thanks for the link!

  6. Linda a galinha que poe ovos teria como me mandar o molde? Para fazer para meus filhos.

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