Jun 282013

After almost exactly two years, my grandma-in-law’s Full Swing quilt is finally done! Hurray!
Full Swing quilt on the clothesline

My goal this month was just to put the binding on. I was a little worried when I went to my stash to find binding fabric because I don’t have very much in that particular shade of blue, and I remembered having cut up leftovers from this quilt in order to try EPP diamonds. But I was happy when I discovered that I’d put aside some matching fabric just for the binding!
Full Swing quilt, baby included for scale

According to my notes, the quilt was supposed to have been 75″ x 90″, but it actually turned out to be about 70″ x 85″. Goodness, how did I lose five inches in both directions? In any case, I’m super happy that this is finally done. It’s so nice finishing wips! 🙂
Full Swing quilt on the wall

  3 Responses to “Full Swing: Two Years in the Making”

  1. gogrgeous!!!

  2. Yay for doneness, and loving the guardian of the quilt

  3. Hooray for finishing! I’m sure the quilt is beautiful, but I can’t get past the adorable baby… gets me every time 🙂

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