Jun 152013

I guess it was a little bit my bad — I forgot that Father’s Day was coming up, so this week I was all, oops, what do you want for a present, Dad? He told me he wanted a new thing to hold his USB sticks, since his old one was a little too big (and later on I noticed that the zipper tab had fallen off). I pressed him for a few more details, which amounted to him handing over his old pouch and saying he wanted something smaller than that. Time passes… et voila!
usb pouch

Geddit? It’s a floppy drive on his USB pouch! Hurk hurk. 😀

The embroidery pattern is from my last year’s subscription to Wild Olive‘s pattern of the month club (and now it’s in her shop). The pouch ended up being about 3.75″ wide by 3.25″ high, and I kind of wonked up the corners by the zipper, but it’s wide enough for plenty of USB sticks and (hopefully) dad-sized fingers (I didn’t make fabric zipper ends because I worried that it would make the pouch opening too small).

And the first thing my dad said when he saw it? “Kinda small, huh?” O_o

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  1. Never work with children and animals and PARENTS! Seriously, my dad chased me for over a year for a bit of velcro to sew onto something I’d made and hadn’t had a chance to finish because he’d do it himself (you understand he lives 200 miles away and hadn’t given it back to me to do myself) and when I spotted said object while we were away on holiday, guess what, he’s just stuck it on to the other side and not sewn it down either o.O

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