Jun 072013

My goal this month is to finally finish my Full Swing quilt that I started almost exactly two years ago…! It’s taken me this long because I sewed and unpicked two attempts at straight line quilting before I came to my senses and just did my passable loopy fmq.
full swing fmq

I had so much trouble with the straight line quilting! My second attempt at it was on my Juki TL-200Qi, and I could not keep the lines straight. I haven’t been able to go anything less than full zoom, and I think that’s why I had so much trouble. I also read someone’s opinion that the Juki’s included walking foot isn’t good, so maybe I can blame a portion of my problems on that. :> Anyhoo, Mr. Yazoo’s going to try to fiddle with my Juki’s foot pedal to see if he can adjust the voltage whoozit to make it easier for me to sew at different speeds, and I’m going to keep my eye out for a new walking foot.

I did adjust the Juki’s fmq foot so that it wouldn’t hop, which made my quilting more enjoyable because it was easier and quieter.
juki fmq foot
See the little part off to the side there? That used to be at the very top of the foot, and part of it sat over the screw on the presser foot shank so that when it went up, the foot would hop. I saw on a quilting board that someone had cut off the bit that hangs over the screw so the foot would no longer hop, so I took my foot over to my dad-in-law (He Who Has Tools) for a little doctoring. But then he noticed that that piece is held on by a screw and just unscrewed it! heh.

I also stopped using gloves while I was doing fmq, and that made it so much easier to move the quilt! I’ve read many people who love their grippy gloves, but I forgot to think about how they live on the cold, dry mainland, while I live on a warm, humid island AND tend to have sweaty hands. I didn’t have any problems keeping hold of the quilt, and no gloves meant I felt more dexterous.

Anyhoo, so all I have to do this month is attach the binding. Yippee! I thought I should have a modest goal for June since a lot of our time will be taken up with moving out of our eeny house so we can sell it. 🙂

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  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on a finish. I am waaaay behind on finishing anything 🙁 I generally don’t quilt anything too big on my machine – I send it out to a longarmer:) However, to do something small I use painters tape to guide my straight lines and run the foot alongside the tape edge. And moving….? Staying in the general area? I dread the idea of eventually moving…so much work and cleaning, although the idea of starting with a clean unclutters house is soooo appealing!

  2. Ha, who knew sweaty hands would have a plus side 😀

  3. […] motion foot put too much pressure on quilts and the hopping action annoyed me. Solution: Remove the hook at the top of the foot that rests on the presser foot shank’s screw (this gets rid of the hopping) and raise the […]

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