May 232013

Cosmo wanted a pillow for naptime at preschool, so I bought a super cheap, junky, standard pillow from K-Mart, pulled out the stuffing, cut it in half, and then sewed it into a new muslin case so it would (hopefully) fit in his cubby hole. Then I used Sew Hooked’s tutorial to make a quick pillowcase. I think it makes a nice one!
robot pillow

Then I had half a pillow’s worth of stuffing sitting around, so I used it to make another small pillow to add to Caleb’s birthday present. (This one looks floppier because I tried to make the case big enough to fit a standard pillow, in case he ever wanted to get rid of the halfapillow.)
Caleb's pillow

In unrelated news, I think I’ve landed on a new feed reader! I’d been using Feedly, but recently realized that it doesn’t allow you to search within your feeds, which I love being able to do since I have a terrible memory. After poking around for a bit, I found out that Feedly used to have that feature, then removed it, and is probably planning to put it back in as a feature of paid accounts. Harrumph!

I tried looking for another browser-based reader that lets you search through your feeds, but couldn’t find one. So tonight, instead of sewing, I tried installing Tiny Tiny RSS using Lifehacker’s guide, and I like it! It definitely lets you search your feeds, although now that I think about it, it can only search the blog posts that are still saved in your database. Still, that’s better than nothing! And it’s kind of fun keeping control of your own subscriptions. 🙂

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  1. Pillows at naptime? Sheesh, the kids of today, I don’t know, we never even got a nap, never mind the luxury of pillows! 😉

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