Apr 142013

I finally finished Katy’s view master block for our Piece Bee. Yay…?
viewmaster block

I’d meant to catch up with the bee in order, but I was having a mental block on (poor, diligent, completely-on-time-for-everyone-else) Phuong’s camera block because I had drawn the design with a ton of Y-seams, so I skipped to this nice and no-brain-power-requiring block. Also, I felt very guilty since I kept reading how Katy received very few blocks. :> But the good thing is that the view master’s instructions made me realize that I could put together the camera block with less stress by using freezer paper and hand sewing it like an English paper piecing thingy! Wahooble!

  6 Responses to “The Squeaky Wheel… :D”

  1. It looks great! You even added in the little markings by pen…hmmm I think that I forgot to do that.

  2. Squeak 😉 Thank you so much for doing this

  3. i still haven’t done this block… i just don’t have any yardage with tiny prints and i can’t afford to buy fabric just for a teeny scrap of it! eventually it will be done!!!

  4. Love all your sweet polaroids! You have shamed me into moving Katy’s block to the top of my to-do list 😉

  5. This is the cutest block! How fun!

  6. What a cute idea. That was one of my favorite things when I was little.

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