Mar 232013

I’m usually too much of a scrooge to want to make baby clothes (they use so much fabric! and babies can only wear them for a little while!), but generous bloggy people have been sharing free patterns for them, and I got sucked in.

When Rae released the 0-3 month size of her Little Geranium dress, I was all, I’m going to have a 0-3 month sized baby! Glowbug was too little for it when she was born, and then this week I noticed that she was finally the right size for it. She’ll probably fit it for two weeks, heh.
little geranium

My little niece turned two, and I made her a Prudent Baby snappy shirt, but I was worried about it fitting until I realized that I have a two year old that I can test it out on. Double heh! (I had to bribe him with M&Ms, though.)
snappy shirt

  4 Responses to “Bebeh Clothes”

  1. Cute, cute cute! Kids and clothing!

  2. ROFL at the kid bribery, bribery and corruption gets you EVERYWHERE!

  3. Your kids are so cute! The bears on that fabulous geranium dress are awesome. 🙂 Do you know the name of the print by chance?

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