Mar 212013

I finished a quilt for my cousin — yay! Due to my inability to plan, I think I have enough leftover blocks to make a second quilt — boo!

It’s based on the Juicy quilt from Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe, but I didn’t follow the directions because I didn’t want to cut and piece 232 triangles. O_o Instead, I used The Sometimes Crafter’s tutorial for making pairs of hourglass blocks and Connecting Threads’ tutorial for making four flying geese blocks with no waste. Those are awesome!

However, I changed too many things at once (I also planned for 8.5″ finished blocks, instead of whatever it is the real pattern calls for), and when I laid everything out, I found out that I could make a queen-sized quilt! I revised my plan — I thought that round about 9 blocks by 7 blocks would be a good lap-sized quilt.

After I sewed the whole top together, I found out that it was now a twin-sized quilt. Dur! I took off two rows to make it a more reasonable 72″-ish square, and in the end, I had all these leftovers.

I busted out my zippity fast Juki to do the quilting, but even though I was sewing in the daytime, I felt bad about how loud it was (plus we live in the upstairs unit of a townhouse), so I only quilted very lightly along the diagonal lines. Then, over the next couple of days, I hand-quilted around the print squares. I normally use just a soft leather thimble, but it was really not up for hand quilting, and it developed holes. I have two black spots in my finger now from when the back of my needle poked through and pushed some of the thimble fibers in! I didn’t want to wait a week for a new thimble from Amazon, so I went to my local craft store to get a coin thimble, where it cost twice as much. Gahhhh!

Some of the light neutrals are Essex linen, and I really like the texture and heavier feel it got after I washed the quilt. If I ever get rich, I’d like to make a quilt all out of Essex linens. Oh, and a quilt out of double gauze and voile, while I’m in wish land.

I made this for my cousin who’s having chemotherapy, since I read that it can get chilly during the sessions. I hope he thinks the green and yellow color scheme is cheery in a guy-ly way!

  7 Responses to “This is why I should just follow patterns”

  1. It’s a really nice quilt – and really thoughtful of you!

  2. I tried to make a 96″ backing earlier on – I started with a 108″ wide by 88″ long piece, so all I needed to do was cut the width down to 96, then add the remainder on the shorter side, with a pieced bit for my label. Oy, so many miscalculations o.O

    Save the spare bits for the next charity quilt drive!

  3. It’s a great quilt! Good colors and a striking pattern!

  4. Looks great. I really like your choice of colors and the mix of solids and prints.

  5. It’s absolutely bright and cheerful! Your cousin will surely appreciate it

  6. Your quilt turned out beautiful. I am sorry that you had so many problems, but I can feel your pain after I finished my March goal as well. I am sure your cousin will love it because it is very guy-errific!

  7. When you said “juicy quilt,” I thought it was lemons and limes and oranges. =) I think he will love it! Okay, I’m mean, but I laughed at your size issues. I’ve been known to come up with more than I needed, too. =)

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