Mar 072013

We have this little stool that I got from a Japanese you-have-to-be-a-member store, and it’s the perfect height for Cosmo and Sunshine to sit on in front of the living room table.
Japanese stool

They fight over it constantly, so I thought for Sunshine’s birthday, we’d make him his own stool! (Actually, I would have been happy to just buy him one, but we don’t pay membership for that store anymore, and I couldn’t find where to buy a similar one online.)
train cushion

Mr. Yazoo’s dad was awesome and made the actual stool by looking at our original one, and he was very nice and didn’t make any comment about how I brought the original stool over, said I was going to use his tools to make a copy, and then sat back and let him do all the work. 😀
train cushion, legs

Then I just did the upholstery part. I forgot to take pictures, but I covered the wooden seat with batting, taped the edges down (because I didn’t have a staple gun), and cut some cushion foam to the bean shape. I even made a test cover with some waste fabric, which is more prep than I usually do!
train cushion, in progress

It’s so nice — since we gave Sunshine his little chair, there haven’t been any more fights over who gets to sit on what in the living room. The two of them still get into a majillion other tussles, but at least one’s gone…!
original and train stools

  4 Responses to “Sunshine’s Little Chair”

  1. Well done to you and Mr Yazoo Sr!

  2. Too cute! Nice job covering the cushion.

    My littlest one has claimed my kitchen step stool (which is really just a foot stool I use in the kitchen to reach the cupboard shelves) for watching tv. Perhaps I should try to get my mister to make something similar.

  3. It’s always helpful to combine super powers with another skilled maker. 🙂 You guys did a fantastic job!

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