Feb 282013

I’ve been continuing my short-attention-span project kick, so very quickly, here they are! I made a sewing kit for my sister’s birthday present using Michelle’s zip pocket pouch pattern.
Stacy's sewing kit

I added felt to hold needles and two twill loops in the open pocket to attach a pair of snip scissors and a bobbin of thread. I also put a thimble and extra colors of thread in the zippered pocket. The smallest size of this pouch is a nice size for carrying around some sewing essentials without taking up a lot of room in your bag!
Stacy's sewing kit, inside

Since I bought the ditty bag pattern recently during a $5 Friday, I made a couple of them to help justify the purchase. :> These are both the largest size; the blue one is for holding my after-having-given-birth toiletries, and the red one is for my parents (my dad declined to offer input on the fabric, so I chose what I thought my mom would like).
pair of ditty bags

Finally, I made a couple more kleenex pouches for another friend who uses them. I still haven’t made one for me, though!
more kleenex pouches

  4 Responses to “Moar Little Projects”

  1. Small projects are so fun. They make me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something! All of yours are super cute, but I especially love the ditty bags. Funny that your dad didn’t have a fabric preference…

  2. Oh my – you have been SO busy! I love it!

    The little bags and kleenex pouches are so cute!! I also love the bag you made in the previous post with the twisty latch and the red pocket. Love the red pocket!

    And your Naruto pillow! Very cool! I did Minecraft pillows for my son and nephews for xmas and a custom one based on my son’s alter ego!

    Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to go get busy!

    Have a great day!

  3. Aww, love the cute wee sewing kit! the others are great too, but I love those wee meeces!

  4. Gosh!! These are so cute!! Anything thats small with zipper intimidates me! The sewing kit is just so adorable. Your sister is going to love it!

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