Feb 102013

I had actually seen A Quilter’s Table’s triple zip-along a while ago, but didn’t think I needed such a pouch until Svetlana pointed out that it makes a great epp project holder. Ah hah, sold!

I (what’s the slow-pokey version of “whipped one up?”) last night to hold my hexies for my future rainbow quilt. I like Debbie’s way of doing zipper ends because it forces me to pay attention to where I place the fabric and how much of it will show once the seam is sewn. Also, it requires one fewer pressing step than the previous way I was doing it!
triple zip pouch

Unless I missed a step (which I totally could have, since I tend to skim instructions), the back of the top zipper can’t really be top-stitched, but it’s okay since the fabric got pulled down away from the zipper by the stabilizer. (I used sew-in stabilizer instead of fusible fleece.) Also, I couldn’t really figure out what I was supposed to do in the final set of picture-less instructions, but it was easy to sew the side seams by just having the whole thing inside-out with the main lining flipped up and away from the exterior and other pockets, and then just sewing along the open edges.
triple zip pouch, back

The biggest pocket is the perfect size for my unsewn 1.5″ hexies, the middle pocket holds the sewn ones nicely, and I think I’ll put different color threads in the smallest pocket. Hey, do you have an opinion about how you like stitching together epp pieces? I know people generally whipstitch them together, but I like the no-thread-showing-ness of ladder stitches. However, I was worried about how strong each of these methods would be, since I like my quilts to be tough and machine-washable. With that in mind, do you think whipstitching or ladder stitching would be better?
triple zip pouch, inside

  5 Responses to “I triple zipped-along”

  1. Cute! I think that I whip stitch and don’t even know what a ladder stitch is….must look that up…so I can’t help you there! Also, love the bit of nature keeping it open. Around this point in winter I am getting a bit wistful for green.

  2. Very cute! I whip stitch as life is too short for ladder stitch on anything but closing a bear seam, but I do make sure I only catch a single thread on each side, which helps to hide the stitches

  3. What a darling pouch! Sorry the finishing was confusing, but it sounds like you figured things out just fine. Thanks much for joining in! I’m glad Svetlana convinced you! 😉

  4. Alli, your pouch looks FANTASTIC! I love the fabrics you chose, and your zipper ends look great. I also did not top stitch the back of the zipper – it was not in the instructions and I don’t know how it would be possible to do so, the way it is constructed.

  5. Really cute! I love your fabrics and your pouch looks so nice. You did a great job!

    Have a great day!

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