Jan 092013

I made tooth fairy elephant pillows for part of my little cousins’ Christmas presents this year, really because it gave me an excuse to get Melody Miller’s cute (but not cheap) pattern. (Actually, I conned my sister into buying it for me… heh!)

elephant tooth fairy pillows, front

Overall, I like this pattern; it’s just a little different from what I’m used to. For instance, there are a bunch of pattern pieces (like the main elephant shape) where you were supposed to keep the outside frame part and discard the inside piece. After going through the instructions, I understood why she made that choice, but I still found those pattern pieces to be floppy and annoying to use and store, so I ended up reprinting them so that I could keep the normal inner pieces.

An awesome thing about this pattern is that it includes a page of cute little cards addressed to the Tooth Fairy that you can print out to give along with the pillow!

elephant tooth fairy pillows, backs

  One Response to “What’s the onomatopoeia for elephant?”

  1. So cute! And so cunning getting your sister in on buying the pattern 😉

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