Jan 072013

I do love me a finish-along, so for January I’m choosing something I have to get done on time: a birthday present for my dad. It’s due on the 25th, so I have most of the month, but I need it because I am SLOW! I’m going to make him a passport-and-other-travel-document folder (hopefully he’ll use it during my parents’ upcoming trip to Korea), and I’m cross-stitching the Tardis and all eleven Dr. Whos on the exterior fabric. Eek!

I’m using Wee Little Stitches’ super cool pattern, but boy am I worried about finishing on time! After working on it all day and late last night, this is as far as I got:

So my goal is to finish the Tardis today and then one doctor a day after that. Hopefully that’ll leave me enough time to try pulling off that waste canvas (my first time ever!) and actually make the passport folder. Gogo!

  4 Responses to “I am so slow at cross-stitching”

  1. I’m sitting here reading and cross-stitching, thinking that I’ll never get done. I think cross-stitch is deceptive because it looks so small that you think it won’t take long, but it takes forever! Yours looks really fun and so cool to actually turn it into something useful!

  2. Oh man, good luck with that! Still, you’re further ahead than me, I bought some of the Melody Miller bee fabric to cross stitch on and it’s still sitting about 6 months later 😉

  3. This sounds like a fun project. I love wee little stitches too. 🙂 Looking good so far!

  4. It will be great when its all finished. You can do it!

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