Jul 062012

MC got it right — my jokey cloud is supposed to be Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7! Here’s Cloud Strife:

and here’s my (not-a-good-picture) version:

Can you tell I tried to make my cloud’s hair similar-ish? (He’s wearing his impish face from when he cross-dressed in the game — not his Advent Children sadface. hehehe.) When I played Final Fantasy 7, I spent the entire second half of the game not believing Aeris had really died, and waiting for her to come back to life. I thought Cloud should have gotten together with Tifa, though — she was way cooler.

Anyhoo, this is supposed to be my (rather late) winner’s post, and it’s comment #3, Kelly S!

Thanks for playing along and for your kind thoughts, everyone! 🙂

  3 Responses to “If I were cleverer, I’d make a joke about SHINRA or Advent Children or something”

  1. i am so far out of the loop as I have no idea what Final Fantasy is, and it only gets worse knowing that I’ve apparently missed 7 of them. But yay, Kelly! Hope you are feeling a little better for the weekend!

  2. Yay, it’s always exciting when geek knowledge actually comes in handy! Now I feel the urge to go play some Final Fantasy.

  3. Did you hear a whistling sound? That was most of this going over my head 😉 Congrats to Kelly anyway!

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