Jul 202011

I missed two Wednesdays, whoops!

In progress:

Placemats for my sister
I’ve got five of eight done! I’m using one each of my set of Sugar Pop purply fat quarters, with most of the fabric for the backing and the leftovers on the front. I got a little bit lazy with the quilting, but I figure that if my sister washes them so much that they fall apart because of the lack of quilting, I’ll just make new ones!
hexies placemat
zigzag placemat
While I was making these, my walking foot was acting up, so I took it apart, cleaned and oiled it, and then it worked nicely again. Yay!
checkerboard placemat
diamond placemat
Normally, I like sewing bindings by hand, but since there are eight of these, I tried Made by Rae’s cheater binding method. I like how it looks, at least from the front. I’m not really crazy about how it looks on the back, but I think my sister won’t mind.
flower placemat

No progress 🙁

Full Swing quilt for grandmother-in-law
I decided that I need to rip out the awful quilting that I’ve done so far and try something different, but I’m putting it off because I have other things to do that actually have deadlines. Also, seam ripping is no fun. >_< Sunshine’s I Spy quilt
Almost all the pieces are cut out, but poor Sunshine’s getting shoved aside for other stuff.


Pair of girl baby quilts
My aunty asked me to make a girl baby quilt for her friend and my cousin also recently had a baby girl, so I made two at once.
Log cabin baby quilt
baby girl log cabin quilt
Crayon Box baby quilt
crayon box baby quilt

Toddler messenger bag
Cosmo kept leaving the house clutching so many trains that he’d drop them on the way to the car, so I made him a bag to use instead. Now he loads his bag up with so many trains that he holds my hand using the arm that’s got the bag on it so that I end up helping carry the load.
Cosmo’s toddler-sized messenger bag
toddler messenger bag

We Can Do It blocks
Churn Dash and bonus blocks
WCDI churn and dash
WCDI month 1 bonus block
WCDI pinwheels

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  7 Responses to “WIP Wednesday: July 20”

  1. Beautiful works! I love all of them and especially the sweet coldfish!

  2. I love your placemats! And the toddler messenger bag is so cute. My son also tries to carry so many trains at once that he drops them everywhere. I was actually making him a little toddler tote bag to carry them in!

  3. Love the placemats 😀

  4. Cute placemats and I like your Skill Builde Blocks! I’m enjoying that one a lot as well!

  5. I love your placemats. I haven’t really seen any as exciting and coordinated. Beautiful work!

  6. Love the placemats and baby quilts!

  7. Those placemats look amazing!

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