Jun 272012

I finished my fabric for Leslie Keating’s handprinted fabric swap (II) just in the nick of time — my pictures aren’t the greatest because I finished stamping the fabric half an hour before I had to dash out the door for an appointment, and I still had to package them up for the post office!

You can kind of see in the bottom of that picture some of the stamps I carved. When I signed up for this swap about a month ago, I was suuuuper excited and carved a lot of different stamps — I also made trees, flowers, animals, and household items. I also ordered a lot of Versacraft stamp pads from a very bad company (*koff* stampit.com *koff*) who never fulfilled my order, answered the phone, or responded to emails. But hooray for reliable Etsy sellers, because I was able to get some stamp pads from Snuggly Monkey just in time for my last-minute printing frenzy.

I made seven different cloud stamps, but only stamped one of them once on each fat quarter because it’s a little silly. :> It’s probably easy to spot in the next picture, but can you spot the joke?

So, back to my appointment: it was for an ultrasound, and we’re expecting a peanut! That’s why I haven’t been able to post much lately — I’ve been feeling junky and zonking out early every night, which means no time for sewing. On the upside, I don’t fall asleep while driving home from work anymore! 😀 Anyhoo, if anyone is still reading (hehe) and to celebrate in general, please post a guess about what the joke in my fabric is. I’ll randomly choose a winner from all guesses (they don’t have to be correct) on July 5th and send you a ruler and some fabric. 🙂

  10 Responses to “Hand Printed”

  1. What a cute clouds! Congratulations!

  2. Hmm, the random green cloud perhaps?! Glad you got everything you needed in the end, I love your designs (and am sad I’m not in your group)

    Congrats on the newest grumpy quilt model… 😉

  3. I would guess the random other color clouds in your FQ. Or the cloud scratching his head? (that’s what it looks like on my tiny phone screen) congrats on the little peanut!!

  4. First of all Congratulations!!!

    Your stamps are too cute 🙂 Is it the green cloud amongst the red?

  5. Yayayay!! Congratulations! Those first few months aren’t too fun, are they? Your stamps and fabric came out really cute, though! Does your joke have something to do with that cloud that looks like it has a big knife coming out of his head? Or is that a graduation hat? I really can’t tell what it is but it seems to be the only one on there once…

  6. I got mine in the mail today! thanks so much I really love the clouds!

  7. i could not possibly love those little clouds any more!!

  8. Congrats!! That’s very exciting news! Is the joke “cutting through the clouds?” The one cloud looks like he has a saw being taken to him lol!

  9. Eeeeeekkk!! So excited for you! Congrats on the new Yazoo!!!

  10. Congratulations!! Is that a cloud with a Final Fantasy cloud sword? Awesome!

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