Jun 042012

The end of the month totally snuck up on me, and then when I realized I only had two days left in May, I suddenly wanted to make tons of things that weren’t my Sew Bee Joyful bee block. I finally got my butt in gear and made it on Saturday night (technically still in May!) after just a touch of procrastination. We were supposed to make bookshelf blocks, and the only restriction was that we were use the included grey fabric as the background. Since I heard that some envelopes were mailed out with perhaps not quite enough background fabric, I actually drew out a plan so I could cut as conservatively as possible.

We were supposed to include our name, and I thought I’d be all clever and make a cutesy title for the book I was on. But I didn’t notice till after I finished stamping that I made a huge typo! Doh! Can I say that I’m trying to coin a new phrase? Tell your friends! ;>

In other news, I joined in on the (second) handprinted fabric swap! I’ve been having fun carving little stamps out of erasers this past week, and after I finished my bee block, I made two quick boo boo bags for Cosmo, ostensibly because he refuses to put really cold things on his bruises (these bags just get nicely cool — not too cold), but really because I wanted to play with my stamps.

I only had black and red ink pads, so I may have gone just a little bit nuts afterwards ordering more mini Versacraft ink pads. >_< While I was trying to find a place that sells the mini ones, I found one woman who recommended ironing for two or more minutes to heat set the ink (!! I’ve only done it for like twenty or thirty seconds in the past!) and letting it cure for a week or two before washing it. It’s a good thing I found this before I sent my swapmates some failfail fabric!

  4 Responses to “In which I am, yet again, a Latey McLaterson”

  1. Adorable! I love your block.

    What do you use for ink? I am having a tough time finding ink that is fabric-friendly.

  2. I love the books laying topsy-turvy on top of the books! Looks a lot like my bookshelf (minus the light coat of dust).

    This fine Spring weather seems to be affecting swaps and bees- a few of the ones I’m in have more than one tardy members.

  3. Heh, I so like that you had a plan with that grey and weren’t botching it together like me 😉

    I also signed up for the swap, but I’m going to a fabric printing class on Sunday :oD

  4. Oh aren’t we all Latey McLaterson from time to time! LOL

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