May 292012

I think because I have a whole ton of baby quilts that I want to make for soon-to-be-born kiddos, I’ve been procrastinating with little projects. Mr. Yazoo’s grandma is visiting from the outer island for a bit, and I noticed she didn’t have a bag for her walker. My grandma put all kinds of things in her walker bag, so I think they’re totally necessary and had to make her one!

I followed this tutorial and made a bunch of modifications (which I now mostly forget, because I made this two weeks ago). Oh! I used a magnetic closure instead of a button for the main bag — I figured it would be easier to open and close than a button. I also used heavy-duty snaps for the hanging straps. I installed them out on the sidewalk in the middle of the night (as usual), and I hit the metal part of the installer tool funny, which made it go flying off into the grass where it was lost forever! Boo! I looked for it for at least ten minutes, but I didn’t poke around in the grass because I saw buggies and a centipede crawling around, and it was creepy.

After all that, when I gave it to Mr. Yazoo’s grandma, she liked it, but asked if she could give it away because she’s not a bag person. Hah!

Mini project numero two-o is a pair of simple zippy pouches I made for Mommy For Reals’ request for girls’ and boys’ bags for the kids attending the Royal Family Kids Camp for children in foster care. This sounds like a really sweet program, and I think Danny still needs a couple more bags if you’re so inclined. 🙂

Danny made sure to specify that the pouches should be simple so that each camper would get something special and handmade, but no one would be getting a bag that was more special than the others. I think that was really smart! I had to resist adding wristlet handles, and I’m sure other better sewerers would have been tempted to fancy them up even more.

(The topmost one is a bag I made for Cosmo to carry around all his dry erase pens.)

The last mini thing I made was another hot pack for my sister-in-law. This one uses Wild Olive’s Chinese lantern pattern.

I tried making the kind of long hot pack that has the filling sewn in sections so you can wrap it around your knee and not have it all fall to the ends. My attempt was semi-successful…ish! It works if you make sure to hold the ends of the inner bag (with the filling) along with the ends of the cover; otherwise, the inner bag sometimes falls down all at one end.

Not speaking of which, I spent all my blog-reading time last week entering SMS giveaways. I didn’t win anything, but I figure it gets a whole heap of not-winning out of the way so I’ll have better luck at other giveaways during the year! That’s how it works, right? ;> I hope you guys had better luck!

  5 Responses to “Catching up on little projects”

  1. Heh, never work with children, animals and grandmas then 😉 Loving those Chinese lanterns, so cute!

  2. Your so sweet for making your greatma this beautiful and functional bag. She is going to love it! Good job!

  3. I love the walker bag idea. Hopefully she’ll give it to a bag person who will use it to make other grandmas jealous! Thanks for the lantern pattern link, so cute!

  4. Hehe… grandmas can get away with stuff like that. But very cute walker bag. And those lanterns are so cute!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I’m pinning this to my new Wild Olive Works board on Pinterest. ( If that’s a problem, please let me know!

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