May 252012

I went through a couple of other projects for my Pinterest Challenge (which I’ll post about more next) before I landed on my final one. Here are my outtakes!

First, I wanted to make this hilarious mug rug that I pinned; isn’t it awesome? (This picture is of Sew Fantastic‘s one.)

I don’t think mine turned out as giggle-inducing, though, which is why I didn’t want to use it for the challenge.

After that, I thought I’d try making a project knitting bag, which is really just a drawstring bag with pockets.

I combined Jeni’s tutorial with Michelle’s small grocery bag since I was feeling lazy about boxing corners.

There are a couple of slip pockets inside to hold dpns and scissors and things.

This project didn’t feel fancy enough, though. Up next is my actual Pinterest Challenge project! 🙂

  One Response to “Pinterest Challenge: Outtakes”

  1. The knitting bag is cute! I’m in the process of making one myself (and by that I mean I’m petting my stash because I can’t decide what I’m willing to cut). But I’ve got a design in mind.

    Your mustache mug rug looks very Victorian with the script text 🙂

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