May 182012
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Hi, new person! Sorry, people who’ve already seen this quilt! I’ve only made two quilts so far this year, but I really am fond of my Made in Cherry one. It’s humongous — around 95 inches square — so when we use it as a picnic blanket, it’s like lying down in our living room. (Can you tell we live in a very small place? 😀 )

I used charms from four or five swaps, which was double fun since first I’d had fun swapping, and then I was happy because I actually used the fabric from the swaps. Cosmo helped me pick out the charms for our quilt; I let him have the ones that were cut strangely, and it was so cute the way he carried them around and kept rearranging them on the floor next to me. I also thought it was funny when, while it was still a flimsy and hanging on the back of Sunshine’s crib, Cosmo kept pointing at one of the charms and saying the cats in it were scaaary. 😀 (I forgot to take a picture of the scary one, though.)

I had fun at the quilting stage, for once — I had my new Juki, which goes a majillion stitches a minute and has tons of space, and I wasn’t stressed about how funny my fmq looked since it was destined to be my family’s picnic quilt! I quilted loopies in the star, then tried a different fmq pattern in each of the solid spaces. I like how pebble quilting looks, but it sure doesn’t feel nice! My favorite section is the one of Mario vines because it’s funny how my leaves go from tiny and constipated to huge and droopy, hehe. But I can’t take good pictures of fmq, so here’s a marginally clear picture of the lollipop flowers section.

If you’ve never been here before, thanks for visiting! And if you have been, thanks for keeping me company! Now I’m off to see more beautiful quilts in the festival!

  19 Responses to “Bloggers’ Quilt Festival: Made in Cherry”

  1. That is a big quilt! I would never have thought to do a star on the solids like you did! What a great way to practice and showcase FMQ.
    Cute youngun’, too!

  2. Love it Alli! I’d love to have such a huge picnic blanket. Some of those charms you used are really funny!

  3. I just chuckle every time I see the photo of your little guy sitting on that massive quilt! 🙂 You did such a fantastic job making this from the colors you chose to the arrangement of the prints.

  4. That’s a fantastic star quilt! It really makes me smile.

  5. What a great quilt! Love all those different fabrics- and your quilting is wonderful!

  6. I keep intending to do this quilt. Yours is another reminder how gorgeous it is. Wonderful

  7. Gorgeous! love the bright blue…

  8. Seen it before, and I still love it!!! THat last picture is so funny, Cosmo looks tiny 🙂

  9. I love that you used all of those I Spy charms (I see my Dr Whos in there 😀 ) Still think that child looks tortured in the last pic though 😉

  10. It is fabulous! I love the blue and the charm squares are cu-u-te. The quilting looks great too. I’ve just pulled fabric for my version had decided on a teal background so this gives me the confidence that I might be onto something!

  11. Those big spaces are nice to play with the quilting. What kind of machine do you have. Cute kid saying, “take the picture, already?”

  12. I love it. I’m very behind with mine, still piecing but I think this may get me inspired again to get my Cherry made! Juliex

  13. Great Star!

    Check out my blog if you can…

    Margaret Gunn

  14. Wow – it is amazing… and huge!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I love your quilting. I’ve been thinking about making one of these, I had no idea quite how big it was though. I appreciate the photo with the child on the quilt, really gives an idea of the scale.

  16. What a great Made in Cherry! The scrappy look is really gorgeous. I’m making one too, I’ve made most of the star but haven’t chosen the background yet. Yours is really fun and is a great picnic quilt.

  17. This is just wonderful, in so many ways!

  18. It’s kind of like a giant I Spy quilt with all the different charm squares in there. I really like the turquoise solid you used. I’d really have a hard time putting this quilt on the ground.

  19. lovely star quilt and i agree it looks like a fantastic i-spy! cute picture of little boyly!! we all have those days, eh?! always love star quilts in all iterations and yours is just wonderful and how great it’s well used and loved. thanks for sharing and have a great day

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