Apr 302012

(Because it’s huge, yo. 😀 )

I finally finished my Made in Cherry quilt! I used I Spy charms collected over around four swaps and made the large size since it called for 5″ squares. It was supposed to end up being 90″x90″, but I think mine came out around 95″x95″.

I waited till my wonderful new Juki came to quilt it, and it was loads easier with all that throat space! Since it’s meant to be our picnic quilt, I had fun just practicing different fmq designs; in each of the blue parts, I did lines with loops, dogwood blossoms, pebbles, clouds, hearts and spirals, Mario vines, curvy keys, and lollipop flowers.

I made my binding a little bit ahead of time for once — since I’ve been trying to only use my Juki during the day, I wanted to make sure I could attach my binding right after I finished the quilting. I had some dry-cleaning hangers, so bent one sort of into the shape of a cord hanger.

Then when I was attaching the binding, I put my Juki’s lift on upside-down and hung the binding hanger from it! MacGyvered!

The quilt backing is a robot flannel that Cosmo wanted as soon as he saw it on the computer. I think it’s really cute and it was a great price, but I guess I got what I paid for because it stained the edges of my machine blue. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Oh well! I’m never going to clean it off — I’m lazy. Anyhoo, here’s one last picture with Cosmo for scale. 😀

  8 Responses to “One picnic quilt to rule them all”

  1. Alli, it’s totally awesome. You are going to have the best picnic blanket at the park, that’s for sure!

  2. ROFL, way to use up those charms, and Cosmo looks, errr, thrilled…

  3. That is one huge quilt, especially with Cosmo for scale! I’m not sure mine ended up being that big (I actually think I had the inverse issue of it being slightly smaller than called for!). 😉 I love, love, love the fun quilting you did and the great prints you chose! This is fantastic!

  4. Oh My! I adore this!!!! I have loads of charms from swaps that would be perfect!

  5. By the way! THe quilting looks amazing 🙂

  6. You don’t play around when you make a picnic blanket. That sucker’s huge! But it’s fabulous- great use for your I Spy charms.

  7. WOW!!

    I have a *few* boxes of I Spy fabric and this quilt looks awesome

    poor little boy probably was overwhelmed by the picture/quilty goodness!!

  8. […] I’m still really excited about it. Cosmo and Sunshine have fun pointing things out in our I Spy picnic quilt, so I’m hoping they’ll do the same with this one. I’m planning to finish it up in […]

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