Apr 252012

My auntie asked me to make a little ribbon blankie to help her with a last-minute baby present she was putting together for her friend, so I made this for her using a leftover bit from my mom’s minky blanket. I added the drawstring bag because it felt too dinky handing just a ribbon blankie over. I had wanted to make her a little stuffed bunny too, but ran out of time.

It’s a good thing that I at least made the extra bag — I keep telling my auntie not to pay me for things she asks me to make because she gives me so many things every time she sees me, but she didn’t listen and snuck $15 in the humongous bag of goodies she gave me when my family met up for bai saan this weekend, AND she also gave Cosmo a whole ton of birthday presents! I only spent $2 on ribbons, and everything else was stuff I already had! Ack!

  3 Responses to “Quickie baby present”

  1. Oh silly Auntie! My parents have a friend like that, who wants to pay her for EVERYTHING they ever does for her. So now my dad tells her that any money she gives them for driving her somewhere or whatever, he’s going to put in the offering at church, and she seems satisfied with that. 🙂 Maybe use the $15 to buy something for your aunt. ha!

    Regardless, the bag and little ribbon blankie are adorable, I especially love those owls!

  2. I’ve never seen ribbon blankies before. Neat idea. And now I feel the need to buy that Children at Play print. It’s dangerous reading your blog, because I always want to shop afterwards!

  3. Ooh, cool we package for the new baby. My dad, on the flip side to your aunt, says he wants to commission me to make something (about $80 worth of something) and then fails to pay when it’s been handed over. Oh, and then proceeds to lose the kindle I gave him for his birthday when he was on holiday in India… thankfully the hotel found it and can send it back, but he’s not topping my list of grateful people right now!!!

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