Jul 082011

First month of We Can Do It is done!

Churn Dash:
WCDI churn and dash
This one actually finished at 12.5 inches. Woot! The light green is not actually as light as it appears; I took the picture at night.

Bonus block:
WCDI month 1 bonus block
I was lazy and did what I found out is a Dutchman’s Puzzle block. I really wanted to play more with Christina Lane’s fast HST method; I started with 5.75″ blocks and found that I get 3.75″ HSTs from them. Then I trimmed them down to 3.5″ (which I think took me longer than if I’d just made normal HSTs that I don’t trim) and then somehow ended up with an unfinished block at 12.75″. Sheesh!

So for the first month of this quiltalong, I’ve got one each of 12″, 12.25″, 12.5″, and 12.75″ blocks. Holey moley.

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