Apr 102012

I knew about the first quarter finish-along but forgot to make a post in time, and I’m not doing that again! Arglebargleblargh!

Anyhooble, here are the things I hope finish this quarter:

Made in Cherry quilt

I basted it last week, and I’m waiting for my new sewing machine (!!!!!!) to arrive so I can quilt it. Not speaking of which, can you believe I miscut the background squares twice?! My quilt is the 90″ version, but the first time I cut my squares for the 80″ one. I ordered more fabric, and the second time I cut according to the 90″ directions, but I really should have just measured my quilt because it ended up a little larger than 90″ so my background squares were still too small. That time I felt like I was wasting enough fabric, so I just sewed on extra strips to make up the difference.

Grandma P’s Full Swing quilt
full swing quilt, basted
This is an old picture of it right after I basted it (in June of last year!), but right now it’s got some quilting lines I’ve got to unpick. Then hopefully it’ll be zoomzoomzoom and done!

Sashiko table runner

A couple of weeks ago, I got to go to a sashiko class sponsored by my local quilt guild and taught by an adorable little Japanese lady. After getting scolded for drawing my pattern with a pencil (oh noes!), I started on this table runner for my mom. Even though I like to tell people about how I was tattled on about the pencil, the class was really fun and everyone was super nice and friendly — the woman who stopped me from using my pencil made sure to find a marking pencil I could borrow. 🙂

Sunshine’s quilt
Sunshine's I Spy, in progress
I may as well throw this in, even though I doubt I’ll get to it. Sunshine doesn’t like being covered by blankets, so it’s hard to get motivated to finish this. This morning, even though it was freezing, Sunshine was groggily flinging off the blanket I’d covered him with in the car! Maybe I’ll finish it up for his cousin due in July.

It would be so awesome if I could get all these things done! Then maybe next quarter I can work on the knitted blanket that I started before my sister was pregnant with her first child, and I still haven’t finished now that she’s due with her second…

2012 Finish-A-Long

  3 Responses to “I’mrememberingtopostinthesecondquarter, raaaaaugh!”

  1. Good luck with that list! It’s a fab feeling when you can finally get rid of these things hanging around!

  2. I recognize some of your charms in the Made in Cherry quilt! I’m sure your kids will have fun with that one. And a new machine? Awesome!! Good luck on your list!

  3. Good luck with your list! The sashiko table runner looks like a fab project.

    You’ve been awarded the Liebster! http://sew-unsew.blogspot.com/2012/04/rock-liebster.html

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