Jul 082011

When I saw Craft Buds’ tutorial for a toddler-sized messenger bag, I had to make one for Cosmo since he’s two, as well!
toddler messenger bag
I used some leftover canvas I had from some bags I made my mom and sister — thus the not-so-sensible-for-a-bag-that’s-going-to-be-dragged-on-the-ground color. Cosmo had the bag for a couple of days before I took this picture, so you can see a little bit of the dirt that’s already gotten on the bottom. Whoops!

I traced the mommy and little fish from Hooray for Fish, which Cosmo really likes right now. For the past couple of days, every once in a while he’ll look at his bag and say, “kiss kiss kiss hooray fish!” Win! However, he refuses to carry it like a messenger bag and instead either holds it out on his forearm like a purse or with the strap bunched up in his hand. Heh.

Edited to add: I’m linking up to Clover and Violet’s Stash Project of the Month. When Cosmo saw the picture of his bag up on the screen, he said, “Hooray fish!” and shoved his face in front of mine for a kiss. 😀

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  1. These colors are fabulous! So cute! Thanks for sharing!

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