Mar 062012

The last of the stuff I made for Sunshine’s dim sum party were these Keyka Lou wristlets. I really just wanted to buy the pattern and used Sunshine’s favors as an excuse, heh heh.

I made the small (above) and medium (below) sizes, and I tried to keep them pretty safe (and boring) so that everyone would be able to have something they sort of liked. I scavenged all the hardware from bags I bought at Goodwill — that was fun! I think it’s time for me to buy more buttons, though; I wanted to spruce up the super-boring linen wristlets, but didn’t have much of a selection at home. Yay for having to go shopping!

(This has nothing to do with anything, but: Cosmo now calls all hardware “D-rings” and insists on being the one to put them away in my notions tackle box. Also, whenever I get a package in the mail, he asks if it’s “favric!” 😀 )

Edit: I’m linking to From the Blue Chair’s Slash the Stash — we here at the Yazoo factory plan about five minutes ahead, so pretty much everything’s made from stash fabric!

  4 Responses to “Yazoo factory wristlets”

  1. Perfect excuse! These girls are so lucky!

  2. Ahh, you’re training him up so well there… 😀 Cute wee wristlets too

  3. Loving those wristlets! The FFA wristlet is my fave.

    Had to laugh about Cosmo and the “favric.” Kieran saw a stack of folded t-shirts at a museum gift shop a couple of weeks ago and shouted “Mommy… it’s you(r) fabric!”

  4. Cute! I’ve been thinking seriously about buying some of KeyKa Lou Patterns. These turned out so fun. Add it to the list I suppose. Thanks for linking up!

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