Feb 012012

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Keyka Lou grocery bags

Sunshine invited our extended family to dim sum for his first birthday later this month, and he put me in charge of favors. I want to inflict more handmade stuff on at least the grown-up women, so I’m thinking I’ll make them each a grocery bag, a wristlet, and if I have time, a little coin purse thingy. (Also, I really wanted to buy Keyka Lou’s wristlet pattern, and this gave me an excuse! Plusplus, I snagged these two patterns on the last day that a 20% off coupon was usable. Woot!) Last night, I cut out the bag bodies for the seven bags I need. That took me a while!

On a marginally related note, I was trying to think of what to give to the grown-up guys. I asked Mr. Yazoo what he likes to receive as party favors, and the big grouchypants said he doesn’t like to get anything! Since he’s no help, what do you think about li see with a bit of cash? Then, to be fair, I’d give the women a choice between that and an actual favor bag. If you were a guy, would you like that?

Made in Cherry quiltalong

I’m behind! This is going to be our family picnic blanket, and I’m really excited about it because Cosmo was hanging out with me when I was sewing these strips, and he had fun looking at the I Spy charms. He even tried to steal ones he liked! I gave him a couple to play with — there were some that had really cute prints but were cut smaller than 5″ so I couldn’t use them in the quilt. Boo!


Bee blocks
At the last minute!

Other stuff

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  2 Responses to “WIP Wednesday: February 1”

  1. So nice of Sunshine to volunteer you like that… ;o)

  2. Those fabrics are going to make fun bags! I think your idea of the guys’ favor sounds good, too. They might enjoy that more than a wristlet…

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