Jan 302012

Holey procrastinatagon! My dad’s birthday was last Wednesday, but I had til our birthday dinner on Saturday to finish his present, and I was putting the last coat on it on Saturday morning.

My sister painted the supermegafantastic pictures, of course; my only job was to scan them and mod podge them onto a tray. I ended up making two trays because on the first one, I didn’t put anything behind the paper, so when the paper got wet with the mod podge, you could totally see through it. On my second attempt, I backed each picture with a blank index card, which worked nicely, but then I didn’t smooth everything down enough, so I got air bubbles. At least I learned for the next time I have to do this — I’m supposed to make another one for my mom’s birthday in April.

My mom’s black linen finally arrived, so I made the zippy bag she requested. It’s not very exciting. 😀

Also, I fiiiiinally finished my Sew Bee Joyful owl blocks! I made a librarian owl, cause owls are smart. And read books. Yup. Can you tell I stayed up all last night trying to finish my Piece Bee block? Durrr…

These two pictures aren’t to scale, heh. The siggy block is only like 6 inches square.

  2 Responses to “Weekend stuffandthingies”

  1. That tray is so flipping adorable! The owls are cute, too.

  2. Such cute pics on the tray, and love the wols

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